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AlbumButton Width/Height options

Dec 29, 2009 at 8:22 PM
Edited Dec 29, 2009 at 8:29 PM

Hi, I've got this up and running at

Basically i want to resize the AlbumButton's dimensions (sounds easy enough). Below is my config code:

	<module name="AlbumButton">
		<option name="Background" value="#273B5B" />
		<option name="BackgroundHover" value="#6A75A2" />
		<option name="TitleFontSize" value="10" />
		<option name="TitleForeground" value="#F3F4F8" />
		<option name="TitleMargin" value="0,6,0,0" />
		<option name="DescriptionFontSize" value="10" />
		<option name="DescriptionForeground" value="Silver" />
		<option name="DescriptionMargin" value="0" />
		<option name="Width" Value="300" />
		<option name="Height" Value="225" />
		<option name="Padding" value="5" />
		<option name="BackgroundRadiusX" value="6" />
		<option name="BackgroundRadiusY" value="6" />
		<option name="ThumbnailWidth" value="78" />
		<option name="ThumbnailHeight" value="68" />
		<option name="ThumbnailRadiusX" value="4" />
		<option name="ThumbnailRadiusY" value="4" />
		<option name="ThumbnailMargin" value="6" />
		<option name="ThumbnailBorderStroke" value="Silver" />
		<option name="ThumbnailBorderThickness" value="1" />

I've set width and height to 50/50 no effect, 500/500 no effect, etc. I've changed the thumbnailwidth/height, title/description font sizes, etc and that all works fine. 
But for some reason i cannot get the entire albumbutton to resize using the height/width propterty.
Any ideas?
Thanks in advance!
Yes, I have cleared the browser cache to make sure that i am seeing the most recent version of the silverlight app.
Dec 29, 2009 at 8:39 PM

Ok, I still do not see the typo but i copy pasted the height width from the config guide and then changed the values and it suddenly works. So apparently there is a typo in:

<option name="Width" Value="300" />
<option name="Height" Value="225" />

Maybe i've been starin at it too long but i sure don't see it?