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Support for Windows Live Photo Gallery people tags

Aug 11, 2009 at 10:55 PM

If you use Windows Live Photo Gallery ( to organize and tag features, you are probably already aware of it's "people tag" feature.  You can identify individuals in your photos manually or with the help of the built in face detection feature in WLPG.  Once you identify a person in a photo, if you put your mouse over the person in the photo (when viewing in WLPG itself), the person's name appears.  I wanted to add this same capability to the Slide.Show 2 photo gallery. 

I was able to add this new feature in code set 26800. See

People tags defined in Windows Live Photo Gallery are now displayed when the mouse is placed over the defining rectangle, similar to how they are shown in the Windows Live Photo Gallery itself. See the first sample photo in the "Liam Molloy" album in the XML Configuration sample for an example. If you place your mouse over the heads of the kids in the picture, their "names" will appear.