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Need some newbie setup help

May 13, 2009 at 10:20 PM

Hello all, I am a rank "newbie" who needs some help, so please forgive me for some really basic questions.  I have Slide.Show 2 installed.  I have set up the intital test page per the quick guide, but all I get where the screen should be is a big black box.  I have Silver Light, the latest download, installed.

* Someone in the discussions mentioned having to set a mime type.  Can somebody give the that line of code and tell me where to place it (be nice LOL).

* Are there any Silver Light files or componets that I need to place inside my website to make Slide Show work?

* Once it is working, do visitors to my website have to have Silver Light installed locally for Slide Show to work for them?

Thanks for your help!