Caching problem

Sep 29, 2010 at 11:09 AM


I have made a user control of this great slideshow and have successfully got it to work on my developer machine(Vista OS). I have multiple .aspx pages with the .ascx control on them. The problem is when I try this on our test server (server 2003), the pages seems to cache the images from the first page visit. Does this make sense?

For example: On page A, the user controls pulls images from folder A. On page B, the user control pulls images from folder B. If I start the browser and click on page A it displays the images from the right folder(A), but if I then go to page B, it displays the images from folder A instead of folder B. The xml file gets updated correctly so it must be a caching problem.... I think at least.

Is there some caching configurations that nedds to be made on the server 2003? Some code snippet that prevents the caching? Like I said, it works well on localhost, Vista OS...

Thanks in advance!