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What is Slide.Show 2?

Slide.Show 2 is an open source Silverlight 2 control for publishing highly-customizable photo and video slideshows on the Web.

NOTE: Slide.Show 2 is a port of the original Slide.Show application to managed code for Silverlight 2. It includes all of the features of the Slide.Show 1 and more.

Slide View

Album View


  • Minimal setup and configuration
  • Image and video slideshows
  • Resizable for any Web page design
  • Full-screen and embedded modes
  • 100% configurable via XML, themes, or your own custom provider
  • Slideshow data from XML, Flickr, or your own custom provider
  • Auto-playback with numerous transitions (e.g. fade, shape, slide, wipe)
  • Cross-browser (e.g. IE 6/7/8, Firefox 2/3, Safari 2/3, PC and Mac)
  • Open source (e.g. extensible, configuration and data provider models, templated controls, commented code)

Quick Links

Slide.Show 2 was developed by Vertigo. Please visit us for more information about this project and other news.

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